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Newton never dies!

"If you are looking for good Newton software that is still updated and supported, you are perfectly right here!"

The Newton OS version of our "bestsellers" will be updated in the future. We try to port all the new features of the WindowsCE and PalmOS versions to the Newton OS version too.


VoiceNotes turns the Newton into a full-featured digital dictating machine with powerful management capabilities. Whenever you want to capture an idea you just had, just pop out the Newton pull down the power switch twice and start recording your idea. No need to power-up the Newton fumbling out the pen and starting the software.


MobileBackup is the only backup solution for NewtonOS, which supports automatic backups. After you have chosen once WHAT to save, WHERE and WHEN, MobileBackup will perform this job at predefined times automatically.



Here are some little applications, tools and patches, which can be downloaded and used for free.

Have fun.

  Xmas 99
It's christmas time again, well nearly. In this hectically time we offer the Newton Community around the world a very relaxing present:

Xmas: the advent calendar for the Newton

Just like a "real" advent calendar you can open doors in this virtual one. Unfortunately there is no choclat in it, but we are working on this ;-).

Merry christmas and always keep in mind: Newton never dies!

Xmas99 (SIT)
Xmas99 (ZIP)
Version: 1999
Size: 256 KB

IndexFixer is a little patch, which fixes a quite seldom bug. This bug show its ugly face when you tap on Extras and get the Error -48013. At this point no program on the Newton can be started or installed. Without IndexFixer you have to erase the whole internal memory, to get ride of this error.

IndexFixer must be installed on a memorycard, from which it starts automatically, if the error accource.

That's why you should download IndexFixer now, and keep it on a memorycard. In emergancy cases just but in this card, and everything is fine again.

IndexFixer (SIT)

IndexFixer (ZIP)
Version: 1.1
Size: 12 KB

ToDoReminder remindes you of undone ToDos, and shows them in a list.

The number of alarms and the time may be defined freely. Even the longitude of the alarm my be defined, so that it cant't be overheard like the build in alarm.

ToDoReminder (SIT)

ToDoReminder (ZIP)
Version: 1.2
Size: 50 KB

XNewtBook is an extension for the Newton Book Reader (NBR). The NBR is missing a feature to markup sides and to make a note for this mark.

XNewtBook supplements this feature, and makes your marks+notes "portable" because it allows to copy them on a memory card. In addition there is a search function to find a certain string in the notes of the open book or any installed book.

XNewtBook (SIT)

XNewtBook (ZIP)
Version: 1.2
Size: 62 KB

NewtonExtensions is a gathering of some useful system extension, which can installed seperatly.
  • Sleep Extension (different sleep time for battey and powersupply use)
  • Alarm Extension (free adjustable alarm length and a new alarm sound)
  • Password Extension (fast turn on/off of the password function)

NewtonXs (SIT)

NewtonXs (ZIP)
Version: 1.0
Size: 32 KB

CalendarX is an extension for the build in calendar. It supplements the missing KW (Kalendarwoche/calendar week, often used in germany), and signs Dates which aren't displayed. In addition you can scroll the whole screen by one tap, instead one hour.

CalendarX (SIT)

CalendarX (ZIP)
Version: 1.0
Size: 32 KB

TypeIt allows to type on a Newton by using the keyboard of a desktop PC. You only need a terminal programm for the desktop PC, which supports 9600N81.

TypeIt (SIT)

TypeIt (ZIP)
Version: 1.0
Size: 22 KB